Factoring the Cost of Asphalt Paving In San Antonio


 Many customers contact me and ask "What do you charge per square foot for your asphalt"? . I wish it was that simple!

There are many factors that determine the price of a paving project. It is important to choose a asphalt contractor that has the understanding and experience to evaluate your project and deliver an accurate estimate. A few things that can influence the price of your asphalt are:

  • Size- Generally, the bigger the job the more expensive it will be.
  • Location- A project's proximity to the asphalt plant can be a price factor. Several customers close together are given discounts
  • Complexity- Some projects come with more challenges than others. Water Drainage, Steep Grades, ect…
  • Time- Even a small paving project can be time consuming. The longer a project takes the more labor cost for the contractor.  

  Another important aspect in determining the cost of your asphalt paving is the type of work you are having done. Installing new asphalt from the ground up will usually be more expensive than asphalt repairs or an overlay on top of  existing asphalt.

  1. New Asphalt Paving– Installing new asphalt where there is currently no driveway  or parking area usually involves some dirt work and adding base material. The amount of base material is different for each job and is determined by the existing sub base. This all effects the price. Having a existing base driveway cuts down the price of your paving project substantially         
  2. Asphalt Repair-Some asphalt repairs require the removal of the existing asphalt. When the existing material has to be saw cut, removed, and hauled away, it can add to the price of the repair. However, repairs that do not require so many steps can be very affordable. 
  3. Asphalt Overlay- Asphalt overlays require less asphalt and less prep work than the other two options and typically will be less expensive.  A drainage issue can sometimes require additional asphalt to repair and that can effect the price of a overlay.

 Several contractors will have very different prices and scopes of work on the same project. Be sure you are selecting your contractor based on quality and not on price.  Sometimes lower prices mean less material. If you are looking for a San Antonio paving contactor to deliver a accurate,honest,and fair priced estimate contact us today at Luke's Asphalt Paving