Pothole Repair Basics

PictureCanyon Lake Pothole repair

How do potholes form? Understand the process.
   Potholes are mostly caused by soft base or sub base under the pavement. As the weight of cars and trucks pass over the weak spot in the road, pieces of the pavement weaken, which causes the material to break down from the weight, creating alligated areas which eventually turns into a potholes. Water entering into the sub base is one of the main reasons the sub base can become weak. Some potholes start from the surface and can form due to petroleum spills or improperly installed asphalt. Asphalt installed cold or too thin can lead to a pothole
How are potholes repaired? The basics
   The first step of determining how to fix the pothole is determining its cause. Once the root cause is established the border around the weak or alligated area of asphalt is sawcut , the asphalt is removed, and at this point the base can be replaced or bladed and shaped to desired level. Once the pothole is prepped and edges have been cleaned Hotmix or coldmix asphalt can be installed. Smaller potholes are repaired by dumping asphalt into the pothole and leveling with lutes and shovels and Larger potholes can be repaired using a asphalt laydown machine.
Who Do you Call for Asphalt Repair?
   The quality of your pothole repair and the length of time your repair will last depend a great deal on the experience of your contractor and how they complete the repair process. If you are in need of asphalt installation or asphalt repair in San Antonio there are many options. Here at Luke’s Asphalt Paving we  have a division that specializes in asphalt repair and preservation. We repair asphalt in San Antonio and all surrounding areas
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