Caring for your New Asphalt

If you have recently had an asphalt parking lot or driveway installed, you may have some questions about the next steps in maintaining your newly paved surface. Educating yourself on these steps can guarantee the longevity of your new asphalt pavement.

-Wait at least 24 hours before parking on your pavement. During our hot summer months here in San Antonio, parking on your asphalt too soon can leave unsightly indentations. 
– Use caution when parking a trailer or motorcycle on your new pavement. A trailer tongue or motorcycle kick stand can cause permanent damage if the asphalt has not fully cured. We recommend a small piece of plywood under each of these for the first couple weeks to prevent damage. 
– When your asphalt pavement is brand new, the surface is very black. Sometimes, you may be able to notice roller marks or some slightly different textures on the surfaces where hand work was done. After a short time of usage, however, the surface will blend together and have a very smooth appearance.
–  During the first few months, especially in hot weather, make sure your wheels are rolling before turning your power steering. Failure to do so can create power steering scares and blemishes in your new asphalt pavement. Over time, they will become less noticeable, but it’s best to avoid it if possible.
– Newly paved surfaces should be sealed within about 6-18 months after installation. Generally, you want a full summer to elapse before the first sealing to allow the new asphalt a chance to fully cure. If you start noticing lots of loose rocks on the surface of your driveway, it’s probably time for a sealcoat. When in doubt, give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look and give you our recommendation.
– Luke’s Asphalt Paving guarantees your new asphalt for 1 year, until it has time to fully cure. It’s rare that we have issues with our asphalt, but if an edge breaks off or you get a pothole in the pavement, we will take care of it at no charge. Due to varying soil conditions, we do not guarantee against cracks and sealcoating is not included as part of the warranty. 
If you have any further questions on post-paving procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us!